The "You Tell Two" Coffeehouse -- Delta, Pa.

Good Food, Good Fellowship, Good Music! "You Tell Two" Photos

Located one mile north of Md/Pa line on Rt. 74 - Delta Nazarene (Lower level) ----------- Where else should a Christian be on Saturday night???


Welcome to the "You Tell Two" website. This site is dedicated to keeping  all informed as to when the coffeehouse is open and what special events that may occur. The public is invited anytime the coffehouse is open. Please scroll down page to find out dates and times.

Bluegrass Music and Bluegrass Festivals at Bluegrass Works


BRING YOUR MUSIC INSTRUMENT ........  or come up and sing with us

- Come and enjoy!   6:00 to 9:00

First hour- Good Food- then karaoke gospel from 7 to 9        

 (unless special event)

The "YOU TELL TWO" coffeehouse is open to the public the 1st - 3rd and 5th Sat. night of each month..........

Come and enjoy.... or bring your instrument and play along!      6:00  to 9:00

* Always check events below for possible changes.

Jimmy Comer passed away on April 18, 2017 - Jimmy was a big part of YTT for years. We will greatly miss him and we pray for comfort and peace for Marty and family.

What a joy and a thrill it is to see our regulars and visitors that love to sing and praise our blessed Saviour. He is worthy of all honor, praise and glory!

Do you have a Gospel CD or site you would like to link to our site? Send Marty or Jeff an email! We will list them below!

Comer Family's "Pure Country Gospel" site

Click here for "Pearls Poems"  

Pearl L. Sturgis- Delta, Pa. has written a book called

"Aiming For The Heart"  Price is $ 15.00

It is about her family and family life over the years, growing up in Harford County, Md and York County, Pa.

 It can be purchased through the Delta Star Publishing Co. - Delta Star Ph. No. 717-456-5692

Joe Comer on Soundclick

Mike Comer on Soundclick

Robert Comer on Last-fm

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If no special event, karaoke gospel will occur. Karaoke gospel means we have nothing planned. We just love to sing and praise the Lord. The public is invited to bring your instrument and/or yourself and join in singing or playing. The regulars at "You Tell Two" are mostly country gospel and bluegrass gospel and contemporary gospel. We are not professional musicians! The Bible says to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. There is no cover charge and no collection plate. However, there is a donation jar at kitchen counter. Proceeds will go to "You Tell Two" use of building and food.

Marty Comer is the hostess and originater of the coffeehouse

Marty is also treasurer of Delta Nazarene. (Martys email)


     "You Tell Two" is a song written by one of northern Md/southern Pa's most prolific songwriters. Jeff Comer, who is Martys' son, has written several songs. You may hear Jeff perform his songs or an old standard on any given Sat night. The song is performed usually by Jeff and whoever happens to be on the stage at the end of each coffeehouse night.

     "You Tell Two" is a missionary statement which is what Jeff had in mind. If you tell two and they tell two and so on...... it won't take long to get the gospel through. The gospel of Jesus Christ and His saving grace is what we're about at the "You Tell Two" coffeehouse.


       Jim Sturgis went home with JESUS on 7/15/08

  •      I would like to give a praise to God for someone who has been a part of YTT coffeehouse for a long time! JIM STURGIS has given us many YTT nights of entertainment, fellowship and friendship for several years. Jims' banjo playing and great lead and high harmony singing is unmatched. Jimmy's playing and singing and his wife (My sister) Pearl Leona's songwriting and poem writing have been enjoyed tremendously over the years.
  •      We would like to give our thanks and biggest heartfelt "YOU TELL TWO" salute to JIM STURGIS. Thank you Jim May God bless you and keep you!

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